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In this season of Thanksgiving, I am reminded of the original Pilgrims and their thankfulness to God for carrying them through a very rough winter.  That next fall, as many of you know, they celebrated their first harvest and invited their native American Indian friends to the party.  As you also may know, the Indians (specifically an Indian by the name of Squanto) were neighborly enough to teach our forefathers how to add fish powder to their soil in order to grow better crops.


Here in the Valley, we have had some similar “neighborly” help over the past couple of weeks.  Many people turned out this past Saturday night to support the Valley’s Chamber of Commerce Benefit Dinner for the Hazard family.  Chris Hazard had a very bad car accident recently, and almost $2400 was raised locally to financially help this family out.  I especially am proud of our local Chamber of Commerce for going outside the “business” box to come to the financial aid of one of our own.


A couple of weeks ago, another new neighbor to the Valley, the “A to Z” Roofing Company, also came to the aid of some Wears Valley residents, the Hopewells.  Members of Covemont Baptist Church approached the owners of this company (Troy and Shannon Finecey) and asked if their company might be able to help a local family whose roof was in such bad condition that when it rained the family had to put buckets all over their house to catch the leaks.  Troy and Shannon were up to the task, as well as were the members of Covemont Baptist Church.  Even Camp Bayoca went into action and donated shingles it had on hand.  The church held a benefit sale to financially help the family while “A to Z” Roofing Company, along with several volunteers, roofed the needy family’s home.


Thanks are in order to Troy and Shannon, Stacy and Dorian Faidley, Joey and Nicki St. Charles, and Randall Parton, all of whom are associated with “A to Z.”  Other local residents who helped to organize and make this day a success are Fay Huskey, Herbert and Jewel Parton, and Clay Teaster, as well as the members of Covemont Baptist Church.


I am so thankful to live in Wears Valley.  I am thankful to God for the many residents of this small community who “do unto others as they would have others do unto them.”  May each of you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!