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Wears Valley Looks Good to Me

You and I are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place as WearsValley, and in the fall our blessings are just multiplied!  Isn’t it amazing to see such distinct and beautiful colors showing up in individual trees which just a month ago looked like one huge green carpet?  Each tree seems to be saying to us, “Look at me! Look at me!”


Individual neighborhoods, businesses, and homes are all dressed up for fall, too.  Ted and Julie Jordan have just added a lot of landscaping to the entrance of their lovely family compound, Hideaway Mountain Subdivision has added more landscaping to its entrance, Wears Valley Ranch is all decorated…everywhere you go, it is pretty in Wears Valley!


Two weeks ago, we spent the weekend in Washington, DC, and were honored to be a part of our nephew’s “pinning on” ceremony as a colonel in the United States Air Force. Because Mark’s work is with the Executive Department, he was able to have his ceremony in the OldExecutiveOfficeBuilding located on the grounds of the White House.  He also was able to take us on a personal tour of the West Wing, a place I had never gotten to see, even in the eight years I lived and worked in Washington.  What a neat experience!


What I noticed in Washington which is so different from the ten years’ time I lived there (1975-83) is that the federal grounds are not nearly as pretty now as they were then.  It looks like we have lost pride in our nation’s capital, including the landscaping!  At the White House, the grass truly needed cutting, and I saw no fall flowers or decorations of any kind.  It was the same on the Mall from the Capitol all the way down to the Washington and Lincoln Memorials. 


One of my most favorite places used to be the Botanical Gardens, located at the base of the Capitol.  When I visited there this time, it was lackluster, too.  Sure, they had some exhibits and plenty of things growing, but it was not profuse with flowers as it used to be.  It was more like just whatever happened to be growing was fine, but no one was putting any extra effort into making it “pop.”


A personal thank you is in order here to the over 20 people who faithfully showed up once again last month to do the fall Wears Valley Roads and Rivers CleanUp Day.  We “spit-shined” the Valley from one end to the other that Saturday morning.  Curtis and Pansy Clabo were out at the crack of dawn cleaning Valley View Road (they had family commitments later that morning but didn’t want to miss doing their part!).


 Next month, we should be getting our “Adopt a Highway” signs up on each end of Wears Valley Road, too.  East Tennessee Realty Group is the proud sponsor of this highway project, and yes, I hope you will join me in a regular cleanup of the debris on our beautiful scenic highway!  The plan is to have four major cleanups per year, but more importantly to try to routinely keep the debris picked up so that it does not accumulate.


“East Tennessee  (especially Wears Valley) looks good to me!”